“…You (Cora) & Ron mean more to me than just people that test material samples. You are friends that look out for me and that means more to me than anything…What it really comes down to is there is trust and friendship…”
- Gary A.; Sumner, WA

“…I must say that Precision could not have done a better job testing the destructives from Forward Landfill FU-10. All tests were completed and results were reported in such a timely manner. Most excellent!”
- Michael S.; Grass Valley, CA

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent lab reports on the interface direct shears…It is very refreshing to see all the requested conditions, results and related information reflected clearly on the lab report. Hats off to Precision…You folks rock!”
- Donny F.; LA

“…Thanks for rushing these tests. You guys were a big help… It’s nice to have PGLI on our team.”
- Jeff H.; Greenville, SC

“…We wanted to show our thanks for the rush test and coordination you did last week for our Evergreen RDF project especially considering the shipping problem. We really appreciate it. Thanks again... Enjoy!”
- Angie G.; Toledo, OH

“Thanks for your wonderful prompt service!”
- Bobby W.; Atlanta, GA

“Just wanted to let you know… thanks for everything! I was just sitting here approving Precision invoices and wanted to express my gratefulness at how easy it is working with you all at Precision.”
- Monte C.; Grass Valley, CA

“Thanks for the timely results…. Excellent work as usual.”
- Wayne H.; Commerce City, CO

“Thank you very much for results. It was my first request with your company and the professionalism of your team has been exemplary. Congratulations.”
- David L.; Quebec, Canada

“…While we are wrapping up this section of the project, I wanted to thank you for how smoothly things have gone to date.  We have a lot of data to review for this project, and while your reports have a lot of people looking at them (since they are so important to the project), it is not often that we find a typo.  This makes our job of getting everything in order easier – thank you!”
- David E.; Chatham, IL