Destructive Seams Testing

SAME-DAY SEAM TESTING at NO EXTRA CHARGE.  PGLI provides fast turnaround time without compromising test accuracy. Field seams are tested and results are given that same day, via email or fax transmittal.

Reinforced Liners

Bonded Seam Strength (Grab) ASTM D751
NSF Modified
Seam Peel Adhesion/Strength ASTM D413
NSF Modified
Thickness ASTM D5199/5994

Unreinforced Liners

Bonded Seam Strength (Shear) ASTM D3083/ASTM D413
NSF Modified/ASTM D4437
ASTM D6392
Seam Peel Adhesion/Strength ASTM D413/ASTM D4437
Thickness ASTM D5199/5994