Geosynthetic Certification Institute-Inspector Certification Program (GCI-ICP)

Sound quality assurance plans precede quality assurance. How does a regulatory agency, management body or a CQA organization obtain assurance that the construction of a facility complies with the specified design?

Quality assurance is best ensured with an effective quality control program. The Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) plans are generated to ascertain that the planned system of activities and products used are in compliance with the specified design of the facility. A CQA can a represent the owner or management body, and is responsible for supervising construction quality. As a CQA, PGLI can:

• Inspect, verify, audit, and evaluate products or materials
• Examine and help you ensure that the workmanship involved is in accordance to your plan
• Document the quality of the constructed facility
• Assess if the installer or contractor is in compliance with the plans or project specifications
• Help confirm that the facility constructed is in accordance with the plans and project specifications of the regulatory board or permitting agency
• Demonstrate competence, experience and classified as a GCI-ICP Certified Inspector