Test Specifications Review

PGLI had many times carried out geosynthetic specifications review for a client’s project which relates to geosynthetics conformance or index testing requirements. This was an essential step that aided clients properly evaluate the product prior to purchase placement or final use. Appropriate and adequate test procedures to be performed were reviewed, verified and confirmed correct.

This process can be a small portion of a Project’s entire work items; however, use of substandard or unsuitable product can impact a project with enormous amount of money due to failure attributes and consequential externalities that may be involved.Systematic testing specifications review can prevent the likelihood of making wrong or uninformed decisions attributable to use of or reference to inapplicable specifications and or standards. This inapplicability can be due to wrong use or outdated specifications.

Test standards are normally reviewed for suitability of its use and application every five years to conform to new technologies, enhanced procedures, and verbal or grammatical corrections. Some standards are discontinued as necessary.

PGLI is a current and active member of the ASTM D35, the official Technical Committee on Geosynthetics. This makes PGLI knowledgeable in all aspects of the geosynthetic test standards.